Cetaqua is a non-profit foundation that integrates, manages and executes technological development and innovation projects on the integral water cycle to propose innovative solutions to companies, governments and society.

Cetaqua has a network of 4 technology centres with offices in Barcelona, Galicia, Andalusia and in Chile.

Cetaqua’s organizational model is based on collaborative research, its founding partners are: Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Technical University of Catalonia (UPC), and Aguas de Barcelona (Agbar Group), the Spain’s biggest water utility.

Cetaqua’s activity is permanently supported and supervised by the Technical Committee composed by senior experts from its founding partners. In addition, Cetaqua has an active participation in international technological platforms and associations related to the water cycle.

Being part of the Suez’s R&D Centres International Network, and with research premises in Spain and Chile, Cetaqua has become a technology centre of reference in the creation of knowledge and the development and validation of technologies and solutions related to the complete water cycle, both in Spain and worldwide. These innovations are implemented through experimental infrastructures, which are working in near-real operational conditions.