The Galician Water Technology Center, Cetaqua Galicia, is a private non-profit foundation that integrates, manages and executes R+D projects with the aim of proposing innovative solutions to companies, governments and society in the area of the integral water cycle.

Cetaqua’s organisational model is based on collaborative research in the private, public and scientific spheres, promoting their interactions and the fast implementation of R+D results in business and public activities related to the water cycle. Cetaqua network is composed by three technology centres of reference in the creation of knowledge and the development of technologies in both Spain and internationally.

The center possesses different facilities, laboratories and scientific platforms which operate in similar conditions to those implemented in existing installations, in order to ensure that every result obtained is fully representative and grounded in reality.

Cetaqua Galicia, as a current research centre of Suez Environment (the European Leader in industrial services and solutions company specialising in securing and recovering resources), was jointly founded with the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC, in Galicia in 2011). The organisational philosophy of Cetaqua is well-reflected in the composition of its board of trustees, formed by Aguas de Barcelona (Agbar), Viaqua S.A.U., the University of Santiago de Compostela and the Spanish Scientiifc Research Council (CSIC), which members meets regularly to report on the centre’s scientific and economic activity, and are directly advised by the Scientific-Technical Council (CCT).