The Life Seacan Project comes out with a great commitment to the preservation of the marine ecosystem. Galicia is, in this sense, a distinctive region that stands out for its marine diversity and that depends, greatly, on its shores. This is, therefore, why the conservation of this ecosystems is so important and requires high responsibility.

Thus, framed in this project, two technologies: AGS (Aerobic Granular Sludge) and MBBR (Moving Biofilm Bed Reactor) that invest in a more sustainable treatment of wastewater from the canning industry were developed. This innovative treatment systems – based on biofilm processes – have made possible to reduce energy consumption of the process and, consequently, the carbon footprint, in addition to obtaining an effluent of optimum quality for later disposal to the natural course.

On the 8th of October in Santiago de Compostela, the final workshop of this project, “Towards a Sustainable Management in the Food Industry: Innovation on Wastewater treatment and valorization”, will take place, in which all these matters will be addressed; taking a step further towards a more sustainable management that interferes increasingly less in natural environment.

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