Vigo hosted the 2016-2017 Live Science program which included a series of activities organized by the University of Vigo students’ delegation of Sciences of the Sea, with the collaboration of the Faculty of Sciences of the Sea.

Among the different activities was the conference “The marine benthic, the anthropogenic impacts and environmental implications of the LIFE SEACAN project”, which consisted of three parts: an introduction to the marine benthic macrofauna and its diversity, a review of the different Types of human impacts that affect these communities and their consequences. Some of these consequences were shown through various examples of scientific studies, focusing on the great variety of human activities that may affect these organisms and on the fact that the consequences may change in different environments or for different species or groups .

The presentation ended with the presentation of the European project LIFE SEACAN, emphasizing the environmental objectives of the project, highlighting the importance of the canning industry, the large volume of wastewater it generates and, therefore, the importance it can have for the environment the fact of improving the quality of this type of water.