LIFE SEACAN has demonstrate the potential of two innovative biofilm-based technologies (aerobic granular sludge and hybrid bioreactors) which have been implemented to decrease the impact of industrial activity on marine ecosystems. Biofilm-based systems have been successfully applied in several industrial sectors, but the application to fish canning effluents has not been reported yet. However, preliminary tests have shown a remarkable high effluent quality with simultaneous reduction of energy consumption and carbon footprint, compared to conventional wastewater treatment technologies:

    • Reduction of energy consumption by at least 20%.
    • Improvement of the effluent quality: up to 90% and 95% of nitrogen and organic matter removal, respectively.
    • 25% lower footprint.

LIFE SEACAN prototype has been implemented in a representative fish cannery industry located in Galicia, where almost 80% of Spanish fish canning industries are gathered. The potential benefits over marine environment preservation have been quantified and evaluated in Rías Baixas, the most adequate environment for a reliable demonstration.
Duration: September 2015 – October 2019
Budget: 1,722,373€ / 1,033,123€ funded by European Comission