University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) is one of the historical Universities in Spain, founded in 1495. It has more than 2,000 lecturers (about 38% female) and 300 research groups. USC has participated actively in more than 100 projects under various EU Initiatives. USC has been recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Education in the top ten as one of the International Campus of Excellence.

The Group of Environmental Engineering and Bioprocesses ( belongs to the Department of Chemical Engineering at USC. It can be considered one of the best Environmental Engineering groups in Spain, with a scientific background in the period 2006-2014 of 343 publications in international and national journals (291 SCI), 33 Doctoral Theses, 12 European projects and international networks, 42 national projects and around 52 contracts with companies, 5 patents and 275 communications in international conferences. Since 2006, the group is recognized as a “Group of Excellence” and it was awarded with the “Martinez Moreno Prize 2011”. In 2012 the COST Action Water_2020 (ES1202) coordinated by the Group was achieved.

The Group has been working on the development of novel wastewater treatment technologies since its beginning in 1985. Currently this research focuses on: i) Removal of micropollutants; ii) Autotrophic denitrification ; iii) Aerobic granular reactors; iv) Hybrid membrane bioreactors; v) Anaerobic (co-)digestion; vi) Bioplastics (PHA) production and vii) Recovery of phosphate as struvite.