On 2nd June, the external monitor of NEEMO agency, Dimas Ramos, asigned by the European Comission to follow up the LIFE SEACAN project, attended to a meeting with the project’s partners (Cetaqua Galicia, Cetaqua Barcelona, University of Santiago, University of Vigo) in the Cetaqua Galicia facilities, in Santiago de Compostela.

The main issues and updates of LIFE SEACAN project were presented and the most important aspects were discussed during the visit. There was a technical review of the activities carried out in every action, particularly regarding the evaluation of canning industry wastewater treatments or the benthic ecosystem monitoring. Furthermore, a financial review of incurred costs and the budget previsions throughout the project were undertaken. To wrap up the day, the next technical and dissemination steps for the year 2016 were discussed.

The LIFE SEACAN project started on September 2015 and will be finished on February 2019.